Introducing the Mother Mountain Hunter set, designed to be an all purpose hunting set, consisting of a main hunting knife and a set of two hunting scalpels in one sheath. The hunting scalpel has a standard sharp point for fine skinning work, while the finger scalpel has a

rounded tip designed to be used like a zip knife in gutting. It can be placed between the skin and the gut lining and run up quickly and effectively separating the skin from the gut without puncturing the gut liner.They both have finger rings on the handles to enable them to be dropped by the hand, while remaining on the finger to be swung back up into the hand to continue gutting/skinning. To see the finger scalpel in action please click on this Youtube link to a clip we made: Youtube finger scalpel test

This particular set is all Damascus for a customer order. The main knife has a drop point blade of 216 layer Damascus of 1095 and 15N20 steel, with a hand filed finger grip on the spine and a full tang. The handle is ancient red gum timber over 10,000 years old, with Damascus cross guard and pommel. The scalpel set is also Damascus, and it all comes in a black leather sheath hand stitched and detailed. 

Sold. Made to order in plain steel or Damascus.