**COVID 19** We are still running courses at the moment, but will comply with any state regulations. If your course date needs to be cancelled, we will transfer your payment to a future course date**

Here at Mother Mountain Forge we run courses in knife making, blacksmithing, axe making, and many others.

I love what I do and I started teaching myself smithing because I found the process fascinating. But it was a long and slow journey to teach myself over the last 16 years. So that is why I have put together a range of courses to teach people the basics and make their journey a little quicker and easier. Whether you are just interested in blacksmithing/knife making as a one off experience, or a continuing hobby, or if you are crazy like us and wish to start a small business, I am sure we offer a course to suit you. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing the pride in someone’s eyes when they are holding something they have crafted themselves with my help. Anyone can do a course regardless of experience; we have everyone from lawyers, public servants to retired holiday makers and of course big burly boiler makers!

The only restriction is age; you have to be 16 years and over for any of our courses except the junior blacksmithing which is 12 -16 year olds.  

Below is a list of the courses we offer and the upcoming dates for each can be found on the right side of the page. We offer midweek as well as weekend dates, so please check your calendar before booking. For full course details please click on the course title. Our courses are run with 2 people at a time. (except some specialised courses which are one on one)

If none of the dates suit you, please contact us and with 2 students, we can arrange custom dates. One on one custom courses are also available, price and dates on application. We also offer gift vouchers, so why not book your loved one a course today and we can arrange dates directly with them!

** All courses include morning and afternoon tea, you will need to bring your own lunch and water bottle. You will also need fully enclosed leather boots, preferably steel caps and long pants. All other equipment will be provided.**

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